Sizzlin’ Get a Way

10, July 2011


Thanks so much for letting us ladies relax at your cabin!  Hugs!

Kelly H

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your beautiful cabin.  We had a very relaxing evening full of fun, laughter & sharing!  We appreciate your hospitality!

Kristen T

Thanks so much for allowing us the time away fromt the ups & downs of life.  To have a fun filled weekend with friends.  We love ya!

Tonya H


Thank you for letting us ladies use the cabin to escape.  Our time here was great.  We really enjoyed playing “tourists”.  The time was gret even if it was way too short.

Your spies failed in all attempts at collecting evidence.

Carrie S

Thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful cabin.  Loved the time away and playing in the river.  Hopefully, we (the girls) can make this a routine getaway 🙂

GNO Ruled!

Tiana T